Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SPIRITUAL - Influence of Bhagwaan..... or .......Bhang

Few days back,  I was browsing  web for some articles on HOLI,  I got a  bit of shock on seeing an article titled – Holi Festival - India's Big Bhang Party.
Probably this is exaggeration of Bhang consumption, and I totally disagree on this comment.
Holi in it’s true sense is a festival of  Love and High Spirits,  but as Irony remains - every good thing is mostly attached  with some  evil. During Holi celebrations  thousands of revellers  drink BHANG while  playfully spilling/rubbing  colours on each other in a celebration of Fertility, Life and Joy.
The history of bhang has place  in Hindu mythology and its preparations were sacred to gods, particularly Lord Shiva, who is regarded as the "Lord of Bhang". He is said to have discovered the transcendental properties of the green leaf.
In ancient India, bhang was used as an intoxicant and Atharvaveda describes it as a healthy herb that "releases anxiety".
Sadhus usually consume bhang to boost meditation and achieve transcendental states. It was also said to be popular among Sufis as an aid to spiritual ecstasy.
Consumption of  bhang during Holi is particularly common in North India where Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Bhang is popularly consumed in Mathura. Here, it is believed to have been introduced by the followers of Lord Krishna and has continued since then. Probably people may be unaware of, BHANG has enormous medical benefits. Cannabis is used for a multitude of ailments such as pain, nausea and vomiting; weight loss associated with debilitating disease and neurologically induced spasticity. If taken in proper quantities, it has been found to cure fever, dysentery and sunstroke, clear phlegm, quicken digestion and appetite.
Many medical conditions respond favourably to it, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety and others. It has also shown promise in treating skin problems.
At the same time, one should not forget that too much bhang can be harmful. It can cause PSYCHOSIS, INCREASE HEART PULSE and HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. If SENSIBILITY prevails in consuming Bhang, above exaggerated comments cannot make titles……....
Fact remains –

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