Thursday, March 31, 2011


..It is said - Unity is Strength, well it is true not only in the sense of Unity but also in many other ways,  I am taking the persepective of Unity in my photographs to bring forth the Idea in UNITY as BUNCH.
Bunch of Roses - A present
Bunch of Feathers - to make mask
Bunch of Earthen Pots - Art Piece

Bunch of Metal Bells -Worthy of worship

Bunch of things enhances beauty of the Articles / Things / Peoples, and creates Symmetries and patterns, which looks good to eyes. Not only to the eyes the utility enhances for such bunches, lets explore as attached photographs; Click on the RED CAPTIONs to visit the Album.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Life - Mobile Updates

The DAILY JOB,  the same Dry Falling Leaves and the same Gentleman sweeper clearing those trash to keep the place clean .....

LOCKSMITH with COBBLER at background, Same Mending deeds every day, DOZING in the free time.....
Daily chore -Cooking and cleaning...Food  and Utensils

On the theme of Daily Life, Posting soem photographs taken from my Small mobile device, Hope the photos depict the theme in its full meaning...,, one more Photo I wanted to post, let me see If I can do it by today or tomorrow

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nostalgic Black and Whites

Motivated by Pawan's Black &White Shots, I am putting here some photos  in Black &White