Saturday, June 27, 2015



kuldeep71 says:
Dear Otto,
Many thanks for your admiring efforts to guide young photographers like me,
submitting a landscape photo for your advise and suggestions.
Best Regards / Kuldeep

This is an almost magical cityscape. There is something about the light and the colours that make it out of the ordinary. Maybe the green sky that brings out a feeling of looking onto an alien world of some kind. Or maybe the feeling of viewing a miniature tableau. I really like the way you have processed this photo, with the little off colour palette, the green tint, and the generally almost surreal, saturated colours. Particularly the primary colours around the windows in the house in the lower right corner are catching my eye. It seems to be a building made out of Lego – and maybe that’s why I feel like this is a photo of a miniature model. Anyway, those coloured window frames play so well up against the coloured spots from cars, other buildings in the background and other details. Compositional the photo is very well done, with a lot of elements distributed beautifully within the frame. You have the high rising building to the left balancing the «Lego» house to the right. And there is a visual pull between those two building because of the three dimensional feeling the rest of the city creates. Also the two towers to the right and behind the «Lego» house is important for the balance. It feels like a lively city frozen in an everlasting moment. Maybe that’s where the alien feeling originates from – or the miniature appearance. There isn’t much I see could improve this photo. One thing, though, is the horizon. As it is now, it divides the photo in almost two equal halves. You could either move the horizon somewhat lower within the frame and thus increase the amount of sky or raise it and bring more of the foreground into the frame. The only problem with the latter is probably the roof we see in the lower left corner. It’s almost more visible than needed already and by lowering the camera further would only bring even more of it into the photo. Then you would have to find a different standpoint. Another detail: If you look close to the horizon as well as to the left side of the high rising building to the left and a bit into the sky around it, you see some strange noise. I am not sure how this has happened, but I am sure it’s the result of some part of the processing. If possible I would try to remove it.