Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at Orchard Road


  1. Thanks Selva,
    But one thing there are some things which may not be OK, but from My eye they look OK, I would always welcome your comments about anything which is non appealing or not seems Ok as per your eye...

  2. Honestly, Im not an expert yet to comment too technical from the photographic aspects... :-)

    Anyhow, just made a solitary attempt at it.
    Here is my feedback in detail. It is just my observation...

    First the positive:
    Your composition is always too good and you make a good photograph out of common places and things. You inspire me a lot in this aspect...

    Not so positive:
    I noticed that in some of the photos taken in the night, there are noises visible. Not sure if it was purposely taken to give some matte finish or Probably, ISO levels were higher than ideal.

  3. yes thats what I also wanted to comment ..there is some noise in some photos :(

  4. Thanks Selva and Rajeev, for your critical comments, you are right I also observed noises in the photographs, probably on account of following reasons;
    - I was using my new lense - 55-200
    - due to the new lense and night shots it was probably due to high ISO and some cropping, which resulted in noisy shots,
    Let me work out more in order to get more sharp images at reduced ISO,.....more practice required.... Thanks buddies for your critical analysis...